Merriott, it’s name reaches back to 1938, when the original company D H Bonnella & Sons Ltd, needed to find premises outside of the London area to fulfil a lucrative contract for aviation parts for the war department. Premises were found, and a separate business was established at the Tail Mill site in the village of Merriott in Somerset.

The business quickly expanded into injection moulding with considerable growth taking place over the coming years. In April 1999 the business was sold to its current owners, who have continued the emphasis on producing technical mouldings. Merriott was founded on it’s technical expertise and today still has a reputation for producing the most technically demanding parts for a wide range of industries.

ICM, founded as ‘Insulating Components and Materials Ltd’ in 1945, in Seven Kings in Essex, providing fabricated plastic components for the electrical industry. In the following years the company operated from several sites and in 1957 settled in West Malling. The company was asked to develop a material and produce a blast pipe for the ‘Firestreak’ one of the earliest guided missile weapons systems and due to it’s success, ICM was involved with several major defence contracts. The company moved to its current site in Rochester in 1986 and was awarded two contracts for the ‘Multiple Launch Rocket System’. In 1993 the company acquired the Schlumberger Plastics operation which was moved to the Rochester site in 1996. The company changed it’s name to ICM (Plastic Moulding) Ltd in 1997, and in July 2003 it was to become part of the Merriott Plastics Group.

BFM, originally established in 1969 as the plastics moulding division of Baldwin & Francis, an electrical switchgear manufacturer based in Sheffield. The company specialised in producing very exacting ‘flameproof path’ and ‘safety critical’ components for the mining industry. Today these parts continue to be produced albeit in lower volumes, using the expertise within the company to mould parts that ‘no one else can’. BFM continued to broaden it’s scope of mouldings produced to include many other industries. The company was sold to it’s current owners in 1998, and became part of the Merriott Plastics Group in 2004 and the moulding work has now been relocated to within Merriott Plastics Limited in Somerset 2008.

The Merriott Plastics Group Ltd is able to produce a huge range of injection mouldedings and compression mouldedings – please contact us to find out how we can work to improve your products or you production flow from our extensive facilities based fully in the UK.

The Merriott Plastics Group – Injection Moulding and Compression Moulding Specialists based in the UK

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