About the Merriott Plastics Group – Injection Moulding and Compression Moulding Specialists based in the UK

The Merriott Plastics Group is a well established group of moulding companies specialising in plastic injection moulding and compression moulding. The Group incorporates the following companies:

– Merriott Plastics Limited. Crewkerne, Somerset.

– ICM (Plastic Moulding) Limited. Rochester, Kent.

We offer a range of services from customised plastic moulding component design, design and manufacture of tooling, injection moulding; both thermoset and thermoplastic, and compression moulding. We undertake a range of product finishing operations including post-moulding screen and pad printing, ultrasonic welding and machining. All plastic products are finished to an exceptionally high standard.

The Merriott Plastics Group has a proven track record in leading the field in the production of plastic components and have developed strong links with many global companies. To find out more on our background and history click here.

The Merriott Plastics Group have an extensive range of moulding machines including:

Compression, Transfer and Direct Screw Transfer Moulding

50 machines from 20 tonne to 400 tonne clamping force
4 Side Ram machines – up to 450 tonne
DST 25t to 300t

Injection Moulding

50 machines from 25 tonne to 1100 tonne clamp, including state of the art tiebar less Engel moulding machines.

The Merriott Plastics Group are capable of undertaking a wide range of plastic component design and manufacture for any industry. Production of plastic components for the military, consumer, electronics, telecom, and automotive industries have all been undertaken.

We pride ourselves on our high standards of workmanship and professional capabilities.

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