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    Project: Portable Welder
    Injection moulded, 10 seperate components in various materials with multiple inserts.
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    Project Hinged Case
    Compression moulded in ABS blend & component parts constructed using our finishing service.
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    Project: Aston Martin Console
    Injection moulded in polycarbonate & ABS blend.
  • Project: Assembled Electrical Fittings
    Compression Moulded in Polyestor DMC with insulated conducting inserts.

Merriott Plastics Ltd and ICM (Plastic Moulding) Ltd, have a history of producing the most technically demanding injection moulded and compression moulded components. Established in 1938, Merriott Plastics Group has gained a wealth of experience in both Compression and Injection mouldings, enabling the production of high quality, technical mouldings for industrial and commercial applications worldwide.

The Merriott Plastics Group is a well established group of moulding companies specialising in injection moulding and compression moulding. Our professional capabilities range from customised component design, design and manufacture of tooling, injection moulding; thermoset and thermoplastic, and compression moulding. We offer a range of finishing operations including post-moulding screen and pad printing, ultrasonic welding and machining. All products are finished to an exceptionally high standard.

With more than 150 years of combined experience, The Merriott Plastics Group has a proven track record in leading the field in the production of plastic components. We have developed strong links with many global companies.

We are capable of undertaking a wide range of plastic component design and manufacture for any industry. Production of plastic components for military, consumer, electronics, telecom, and automotive industries have all been undertaken. We pride ourselves on our high standards of workmanship and professional capabilities.

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Providing the complete package from design & tooling to finished product.

Compression moulding UK

We are specialists in large, small and unusually shape compression moulds.

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